Our Story

What makes Growth Masters special

We believe that true transformations happen out there in the “field”. Instead of following the traditional seminar model we organise unforgettable adventures in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world.

We create an inspiring environment that propels growth and fosters deep connections between tribe members. In fact, many of our attendees admit that the Growth Masters Tribe has become almost like their second family.

Our Values

  • Real environment: only high end lodging, nutrition & mindset

  • Real push: #nobullshit attitude, facing fears & accountability

  • Real people: fun, professional & generous leaders

    • Afest: the foundation

The story begins in 2016. Jimmy and Alex attend at Afest in Mykonos, Greece. They meet just before starting a mini-adventure with a group of other Afesters. This sets the tone for a lot of things: spontaneity, active lifestyle and community.

    • Morocco: proof of concept

A year later the two reunite in Barcelona for Mindvalley University. They decide to share a flat and in no time their crazy minds come up with the next adventure: 2 day trip to Morocco where they end up masterminding about their own businesses.

    • Poland: the dream

Only a few weeks later, in the summer of 2017 Alex takes a break from work to meet up with Jimmy at the Polish coast. With a view over the Baltic sea, the two speak about what growth events they would have joined if they had existed. The consensus: Blending adventure, true business mindset and community is hard to find. Most events focus on one or two, but never all. An idea is born: why don’t we design it ourselves. The next day, before returning home, they cross the country and film a trailer for their new project.

    • Gran Canaria: launch

Only a few months later, in fall of 2017 the first mastermind takes place in Gran Canaria, Spain. From day one the design includes the highest attention to quality food and lodging as well as a very selected tribe of participants. The event becomes a success and participants and other people ask for the next event.

    • Around the world: scaling

In early 2018 the second mastermind takes place: back to Gran Canaria, which becomes the base for Growth Masters. Upleveling is in our DNA, so only a few weeks later Growth Masters goes to the top of the world: Himalayas. Before the summer personal growth organizations request the model for their community. In Summer of 2018 Jimmy and Alex host 3 special events at Mindvalley University. Demand rises and before the end of the year Growth Masters is held in Bali, Gran Canaria (#3) and Brazil as well as two special events on the Nomad Cruise.

    • Partnerships: spreading the power

2019 starts with a bang. Besides exciting new partnerships, Growth Masters Mastermind 7 in Colombia appears on the horizon. We are excited for another epic year full of growth and contribution.

Meet Your Trainers

Alex T. Steffen

Alex is an enterprise innovation expert, best-selling author, and an award-winning motivational speaker.

He advises companies and transformative leaders at companies such as Mercedes, SAP, Audi, Huawei, and more, on how to tackle high stakes innovation challenges.⁣

Alex has impacted 75,000 people in 171 countries and his work has been featured in leading business media.

Alex used to be a cancer patient and a control freak, but managed to liberate himself from both. He’s a minimalist, has spoken at TEDx, and creates music as a DJ. 

Jimmy Naraine is an online entrepreneur, adventurer and public speaker. He has explored 66 countries while teaching hundreds of thousands of people online. 

As a teenager Jimmy suffered from social anxiety and extreme lack of confidence. Now, his mission is to help others in destroying their limiting beliefs and taking control of their lives. 

He has been featured in Entrepreneur & Business Insider and conducted workshops at conferences such as MindvalleyU. His Udemy courses are officially featured as bestsellers and in July 2015 he won the first Udemy Innovation Award.

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Jimmy Naraine |  

Mastermind 7

September 6-11, 2019 at Colombia’s wild north coast

Join our Colombia Desert Adventure and become a member of our carefully curated tribe of leaders

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