Growth Masters™ Mastermind

Terms and Conditions

1. Our clients: This offering is aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses. We provide a full VAT receipt that you can use to expense this training. 

2. Prices: All prices are net prices.

  • For German or Polish clients, the country VAT applies and is added to the fee.
  • EU clients will reverse charge the VAT in the country they are taxable in.
  • Clients from countries outside of the EU (US, Switzerland, etc) are subject to their own tax regulations.

3. Cancellation policy: to confirm your spot, full payment is required unless agreed otherwise. If you need to cancel your attendance, you are able to defer your ticket to a future date within the 24 months following your original mastermind. A 150€ change fee will apply, as well as the difference to the fee of the future event in your category. If the future fee is lower, no refunds will be made.

4. Insurance: We engage in mountain and adventure activities in open terrain including but not limited to mountain climbing, water sports and canyoning. Every participant must take out travel insurance that covers the country of Spain and outdoor activities. Every participant must be in adequate health, not pregnant or affected by spine issues. All activities are voluntary. As the organizers we waive all liability for injury that results from engaging in these activities.

5. Photographs: We will record the event for learning and marketing purposes. Every participant agrees to heave their photographs taken and saved. Our standards for privacy are very high so we will only record moments you are ok with. Every participant can ask to have certain footage deleted. 

6. Accommodation: All participants share accommodation. This has proven to be a major factor for group bonding and peer coaching.

7. The mastermind group calls will be pre-scheduled in advance and recorded for replays but will not be repeated due to no shows.